What Others Are Saying About The Argus Community

Testimonial 1Dear Argus,

I’m writing to you because I want you to know how much we’re thankful to be part of Argus Home Health Care.  

Before we were part of Argus, Jerry lived in a group home for several years. He was not improving in health or mind. Now that he lives at home and getting out into the community he has come a long way. Jerry was in a wheelchair for years and now can walk with a cane.

Without Argus, Jerry would not be able to live at home. He would have to live in a nursing home and he would have the quality of life he now enjoys every day.

Thank you Argus!

-Dora Pierce

Testimonial 2Dear Gayle, Ebony, Suzanne, and everyone else at Argus,

How do I find the words for what’s in my heart when I think of you all. You have given my daddy such a gift. It’s not often in life when your job has such a deep and profound impact on another’s life. It’s hard for me being in California. Without Argus, I would have had to leave my life and my work or worse, force my dad to move to Los Angeles in a world of strangers. He would be lost and unhappy. Tom and Marthella are wonderful with him. I have never ever called the office to anything other than the most wonderful attitudes.

Once again, I have no words for the gratitude I feel. Each day, you not only care for my dad, you have helped me to be a better daughter. It’s not easy to watch the journey my dad is taking. Without you all, it would be too much to bear.

Thank you for becoming part of our family. There’s a special place for all of you in heaven.


Mindy Freis

Testimonial 3To Whom It May Concern,

This is regard to Argus & my PCP, Crystal Silva. I could not live if it were not for them. I have a fantastic PCP who understands all my needs. If it were not for her, everything would be on the floor because I cannot bend, lift, or stoop. In addition, I can’t sit or stand for periods of time either. God Bless Argus and fabulous PCP Crystal Silva. If someone wants her, that is too bad. She’s mine and makes my quality of life much more worth living.


Antonia M. D’Angeline